I'm a skeptic.  Always have been.  So when I get into something, I get into it.  The LipSense formula is patented and believe me when I say there is nothing else like it out there. It works as a 2 part system – the liquid color and a gloss that seals the color and moisturizes your lips. Together they make a powerful combination that lasts 4 to 18 hours. I knew this stuff was legit when I woke up in the morning after a night out with bright red lipstick still perfectly in tact, with not a single smear on my face or pillow. Which brings me to my next favorite part – this magical potion is completely smudgeproof and kissproof. After applying the gloss try it yourself – kiss a tissue and you will see ZERO color transfer. Mind blown.

Not to mention there are around 36 colors to choose from, with new colors being added regularly, so there is something for everyone. The liquid color goes on in 3 layers for maximum lasting power, which is great because you can switch up which colors you use in each layer to create endless color combinations. There also are 11 gloss options to choose from. I know, overwhelming right?!  Standard glossy gloss is recommended to start as it is the most moisturizing and will help you figure out which colors you like without further confusing us with tinted or glitter glosses – we can play with those a bit later.

One more key point – I was a chapstick addict before. I was constantly applying carmex, chapstick and you could find a tube in every purse and drawer. What I didn’t realize is, most of these products contain wax. Which actually prevents moisture from being absorbed into your lips – hence why you feel like you constantly need to reapply. When you first make the switch to Lipsense, your lips may go through an exfoliation period, ridding them of all that yucky wax buildup. The results are shocking – I now only apply the glossy gloss a few times a day and at night, and my lips are plumper and healthier than they have ever been.

As you can probably tell, I pretty passionate about this stuff! So much so that I have setup a store for you to come hang out, have some coffee and wine (with no lip marks left on your cup!) and play with makeup until we find your perfect color. Because life is crazy, and some days you just need to take a deep breath, stay calm, apply lipstick, and carry on with yo bad self.

​     -Jess

My Story


Welcome! I was on the hunt for a long lasting lipstick for my wedding when I came across Lipsense. I was BLOWN away by it, and had to have every color. So what's the big deal, right??